Northern New Jersey Attractions

New Jersey has many attractions and places, offering fun and excitement to all travelers. It is a wonderful destination. Tourists can visit the state throughout the year, regardless of the season. New Jersey Attractions provide a lot of variations and is a perfect holiday location for both young and old. NJ offers many locations for weekend escapes or day trips with friends or family.

New Jersey Weather

New Jersey has a moderate climate, and is considered a year round destination. It hosts festivals and events throughout the year that are worth checking out.

On an average, the hottest months in New Jersey are July and August and the coldest months are January and February.

Things to do in NJ

The things to do in NJ vary from city to city, and include wide range of activities like gambling in the Atlantic City, hiking in the Stokes forest, wine tours across the state and vacations in the famous Jersey Shore. This article is focused on the attractions closer to northern NJ. Here are few of the many New Jersey attractions:

Statue of Liberty

Statue of liberty

Statue of Liberty is a UNESCO world heritage site and an iconic structure representing America across the world. The Statue of Liberty is a masterpiece of the human creative spirit. The construction of the structure took place in the studios of Bartholdi in Paris. It is one of the greatest technical exploits of the 19th century. The statue’s real name is Liberty Enlightening the World, but it’s often called Lady Liberty or the Statue of Liberty. The sculpture has stood out at the entrance of New York Harbor since 1886, and has welcomed millions of travelers to the United States ever since.

It is of a major debate whether the Statue of Liberty falls in New York waters or New Jersey waters. However, the question seems pointless when one is on the premises of a huge—151 feet and 1 inch tall art work.

A visit to NJ is simply incomplete until and unless you have seen the Statue of Liberty, the symbol of American freedom and opportunity. The Statue of Liberty remains an iconic image of the United States, something that is easily recognizable to anyone from around the world.

Liberty State Park

Liberty State Park Sunset

Liberty State Park is mere 2000 yards away from the Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. The park offers a great view of the Manhattan skyline, with the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island as a spectacular backdrop. Liberty State Park is one of the state’s most dramatic parks due to its serene location.

The locals take advantage of the long walkways of the park by walking, jogging, biking, or rollerblading and of course enjoying the view. The park also includes playground for kids and is open to family picnics or flying kites in the lively breeze from across the sea. The open waters also provide with opportunities like fishing, crabbing, boating or kayaking. The other highlights of the park include the Empty Sky 9/11 Memorial and the Kayak Eco Tours

Liberty State Park is open daily from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm

Liberty Science center

Candle Lit Entrance Liberty Science center NJ

The Liberty Science Center provides endless opportunities, for exploration and discovery, to the lovers of Science. The center hosts nine permanent exhibition galleries integrating science and technology into all facets of our lives. Liberty Science Center also has the nation’s largest IMAX dome theatre, and organizes lots of events and programs for visitors of all ages.

Address: 222 Jersey City Boulevard Jersey City, NJ 07305

The general admission costs $19.75 for visitor aged 13+, $15.75 for 12 and below, and $16.75 for the seniors. An additional charge for movies and special events are excluded in the general admission and is applicable upon notice.

Mountain Creek Water Park

Mountain Creek Water Park northern NJ

Mountain Creek Water Park in located in the Northern parts of the NJ, and is regarded as the greatest water parks in the entire state of NJ. The Mountain Creek Water park includes many thrilling rides to provide the riders the rush of adrenaline.

The 23 foot jump from the Canyon Cliffs, into a huge natural pool below, is the highest cliff jump of all the NJ water parks. Mountain Creek Water park is the best option for those seeking a thrilling adventure.

Mountain Creek Water Park does not offer many of the normal conventional water rides that most other water parks do. Rather, it provides unique water rides. The park is situated in a very cool setting on a huge mountain that has beautiful secluded natural surroundings that are second to none in NJ or anywhere else in the world.

Mountain Creek also includes friendly yet unique rides for children.  Few of the rides also include beautiful natural lagoons where children can actually go inside caves.

Meadowlands Racetrack

Meadowlands Racetrack

Meadowlands Racetrack, popularly known as ‘The Big M’ locally, is a horse racing track at the Meadowlands Sports Complex in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The track is a venue for horse races and is a great luxurious attraction for lovers of horse racing. The Meadowlands Racetrack is known to hold other interesting events that include ostrich and camel races.

The Meadowlands race track is perfect to embrace the beauty of animal racing in NJ and a perfect opportunity for a day outing with family and friends.

Turtleback Zoo

Turtle back zoo NJ

Turtle Back Zoo is touted as the #1 out of the 10 zoos in the state of New Jersey. It is a great place to visit, with lots of activity going on every day. Turtle Back Zoo has a great, family friendly environment. It is built with an intuitive layout, for people who love wild animals. Turtle Zoo houses many interesting sections and the highlights to the zoo include the Sea Lion Water Garden, ALdabra Yard, and the Giant Flowers and Homely Nests section.

The Turtleback Zoo also hosts Wild New Jersey exhibit, at regular intervals, to teach about the animals such as the Bob Cat, the Peregrine Falcon, and the Bald Eagle. It is a great attraction for animal lovers featuring animals native to the state of New Jersey. It is also popular as a location for family outing with kids. The zoo is also a popular venue for hosting events such as birthday parties and carousel parties.

The zoo opens daily from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm. The best time to visit the zoo is the early mornings, as the animals are most active during these times.

Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore is among New Jersey’s most treasured jewels, with the white sandy beaches that draws hundreds of thousands of visitors and families each year, to enjoy the surf, sand, sun, fun and excitement. The Jersey shore stretches about 127 miles of the ocean front, from Sandy Hook in the north to Cape May in the south.

New Jersey is home to many attractions and things to do that suits to the taste of young as well as the old. Choose from the wide selection of array to create memories that last a life time.

Transportation to New Jersey Attractions

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